Yowza! New Soft Sculpture Cats!

The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

They're Here! Our New Soft Sculpture Cats!

At looooong last, the Kreatrix wants me to introduce you to our newest Happiness Minions!

Meet Chester

Black cat with tan stripes. Fabric was dyed using the shibori technique and discharge printing.

Chester was created by the Kreatrix using a mysterious ancient technique of fabric dying called Arashi Shibori. Remember the whole pole dancing bit from the previous post? Welp...Chester wrapped himself around a pole and Kreatrix did her magic.

Meet Cooper

A soft sculpture cat made from an upcycled mans suit. His name is Cooper.

If Cooper looks reminiscent of a man's suit, then you're smarter than you think. Kreatrix calls this technique upcycled. I call it Uptown Funk.

Meet Chloe

Soft Sculpture cat made from raw silk and dyed using a Shabori technique that involves fabric folding and clamping.

Chloe is created from hand dyed raw silk using a magic method called Itajime Shibori. Kreatrix says it involves folding fabric and using special clamps. (Chloe makes me purr but don't tell Ginger.)

Meet Sami

A soft sculpture cat made from upcycled clothing. He is grey and has an adorable ivory belly patch.

Sami is one of the upcycle gang and began life as a stretchy man's shirt. Nowadays Sami is lookin' pretty smokin' and has a very cool belly patch!

Meet Sweetpea

Sweetpea, a soft sculpture cat made from Raw Silk dyed using the Arashi Shabori technique.

Sweetpea is another one of our pole dancers (Kreatrix doesn't think I should describe it this way). Sweetpea is 100% Raw Silk and hand dyed in the Arashi Shibori style. Hubba hubba.

Meet Toni

An orange tabby soft sculpture cat made from silk velvet and dyed using the Shabori technique.

Toni is quite the orange tabby tiger! Made from silk velvet and also a pole dancer using the Arashi Shibori technique, Toni is quite soft and very easy on the eyes!

There's more folks but these are the 6 happiness minions that are making the rounds with the Kreatrix. A gallery back East is already starting to carry some of my gang!  More details and photos coming soon.

And now for a very rare and illusive photo of the Kreatrix. I'm told this is called a PR Shot. Whatever. Kreatrix doesn't like her photo taken. EVER. So she may or may not have been blotto when she actually let the Professor take this picture.

The creator of Catberry Tails poses with the Chairman and numberous soft sculpture cats.

Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Yowza! New Soft Sculpture Cats!

  1. The Kreatrix

    Post author

    Chairman here. Visualize me giving CPR to the comments section. Such is the purpose of this comment. Now it will work for those of you so inclined to chime in. Purrs!

  2. Taylor

    These are amazing!!!! I LOVE the hand dyed direction! And it's fun to see a photo of you Kreatrix! Does the silk velvet have a nap on it just like regular velvet?

    1. The Kreatrix

      Post author

      Hi Taylor! Kreatrix here! Glad you like the new gang! Yes, the silk velvet does have a nap to it...AND it has some stretch to it as well. Makes it very interesting to work with but you know the Chairman...when he makes up his mind... :-/

  3. BJ

    Wow, Kreatrix,
    You certainly have been busy. Love the newest members of the gang.
    The fabrics are to "dye" for!!
    The photo of you is beautiful!!
    Can't wait for new updates.

    1. The Kreatrix

      Post author

      Hi Melvin - hey, I have a cat named Melvin!! The dolls are being sold in some gallery gift shops currently. However, I am working on setting up an online store. In the meantime, if any one is interested in purchasing they can contact me via the email link on this website. Thanks for stopping by!


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