World Domination


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Who Knew Details Could Be So Demanding?

Allow me to present Rudy demonstrating how I, the Chairman, feel right now.

A striking photo of long haired Rudy, the real life cat. Very beautiful.

Yes. I am filled to the brim with a sense of pious disgruntlement for our dear Kreatrix. Delays are the name of the game with her royal highness because

It's all in the details, people, and details take time.

Or so she says. Sheesh.

I'm supposed to post some detail shots of some of my gang because Kreatrix is so excited about them.

Notice how the noses are raised from the face? Ok, so I'm envious. Mine isn't. Perhaps I'll request a nose job for Christmas.

Detail shot of soft sculptured cat nose on Cooper, the cat.

And behold the lush lashes. Again, jealous.

A closeup of a soft sculptured cat doll's eye with eyelid detailing and frayed lashes under the eye.

Personally hand-dyed fabric by the Kreatrix. Eve 2.0 is shown with a few samples. Oh she's envious but at least she was the first one to get the new improved booty. She can actually sit up whilst checking out the envy-inducing fabric.

Soft Sculptured Cat doll posing with an array of hand-dyed fabric.

Look at this gang! Look at their paws! Notice how they're perpendicular to the ground? Guess whose aren't.

A fun assortment of soft sculptured cat dolls posing for the camera.

And each member gets a cool little pom-pom thingy attached to its paw! Made by the Kreatrix for all but me.

A fluffy colorful pom-pom is attached to the paw of a soft sculptured cat.

So let's tally up the qualities Kreatrix is bestowing on my current community members that I PERSONALLY DON'T HAVE because she was

just finding my way...

Again. Her words. So, here we go:

  1. A new and improved booty (Hey Kreatrix: I could actually sit without falling over).
  2. A soft sculpted nose that rises so gently away from the face.
  3. Fluffy, sexy lower eye lashes.
  4. Adorable little paws that are actually  perpendicular to the ground...very cool. I am not worthy.
  5. Fancy, soft hand-dyed fabric for the body
  6. A fluffy, colorful pom-pom for each cat to wear

Due to said details being ladled upon the creation of my community I am only now posting photos for the initiation ceremonies of my newest members...which took place in July. JULY. Ahem.

Behold Dr. Rascal teaching the newest members the fine art of posing for maximum cuteness.

Adorable soft sculptured cat sits in a small wicker chair with a group of cats gathered at his feet.


And the greatest news of all? I present Toni and Sami posing in a gallery gift shop in North Carolina! Woo-hoo!

Two soft sculptured cats pose proudly in a gift shop of a gallery.

And so world domination begins.



Very lovely paper bunting hanging from a black and white shoelace. It reads meow! Underneath it reads It's a Boy. A blue pawprint is included.

The World Domination Squad Welcomes A New Member!

Dear Bandit,

Adorable soft sculpture cat doll with large black velvet spots. He sits on a turquoise rug with turquoise and white wallpaper in the background. He poses with a sign that reads: life is short. Play with your cat. You have an important mission in life! You must make humans' smile and laugh because they need some humor and love these days!

Bandit is photographed from behind where his large black velvet patches are on full display.

Don't be afraid to strike a pose! Remember the lessons the Chairman taught you.

Bandit sits in a small upholstered chair looking imploringly into the camera. His legs are crossed, very human-like.

You were made with a great deal of love by the Kreatrix. Her assistant for your delivery was Mr. Rudy Rudmann.

A beautiful long-haired orange cat with a very determined expression.

Notice his steely determination as he helps with your stuffing.

Rudy, the beautiful long-haired orange cat has some doll stuffing on the end of his paw. He looks like he is really helping!

Meanwhile...across the room...this one was absolutely no help.

An adorable black and white cat is sound asleep, twisted into an unbelievable position.

Welcome Bandit! You'll be going for a ride in the World Dominationmobile very soon!

With Love,

The Kreatrix


Ginger has her own letterhead now! She is an adorable soft sculptured cat doll. Her letterhead features beautiful handwriting and a beauty shot of Ginger.

Updates From The Studio

Hello Sweet Peas! Ginger here, feline reporter extraordinaire! Lots to tell you so let's jump right in!

Remember this guy who appeared in our back seat and we decided to keep him but didn't tell the Kreatrix?

Ginger and The Chairman are driving in their World Dominationmobile. A large, but adorable Yoda head from Star Wars is peeking over the backseat.

Well...the Chairman had us practice posing like dolls with the funny looking dude quietly in the background. This way the Kreatrix won't notice anything unusual.

Check out my "dead-eye" doll stare we were all instructed to use by the Chairman. (EVE, YOU CHEATED! You look too alive!)

The dolls sit with eyes staring at the ceiling and Yoda sits calmly in the background. Eve is looking sweetly at the camera.

So far so good. Kreatrix hasn't said anything about the green guy (who is actually quite lovely and verrrry intelligent...talks weird, though).

More community members are coming!!! Lookey here! Body parts:

A close-up shot of various arms and legs for the dolls.

A photo of the Catberry Tails label sewn onto fabric and a button flower above it.

Eve helped pick out a fresh batch of eye balls. Ew!

Eve is adorably posed with her paws sifting through a large collection of green buttons used for the eyes.

Okay. Get ready. I have some really big news.


Remember the big bash at the fancy estate coming up this weekend? The Stray Cat Alliance is having their yearly fundraising benefit for cats (yup, the same one Sherlock is helping raise money for) and Eve will be attending with the Kreatrix and the Prof!!!!

The humans have to wear cocktail attire. So -

Jewelry, people! Eve gets to wear a necklace for her cocktail attire!

Lovely costume jewelry spread out dramatically on a black velvet background.

Kreatrix presented some choices for us to see. Us girls helped Eve pick one out.

Three adorable soft sculpture cat dolls are huddled around the jewelry. Ginger is holding one across her paw.

Hopefully, yours truly will get to wear a necklace like one of these someday. Sigh.

Kreatrix has been so busy, Wally has taken to flopping on his back in a desperate bid for her attention.

Wally, the real life cat, is flopped on his back, belly up, in an adorable pose.

I'd feel sorry for him but she smothers him with so much love it's ridiculous. Usually when he does this she screams:

Kitty Belleh!

And drops to the ground to kiss his stomach. Hmmmm.

Stay tuned for more news from the World Domination Squad!





The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

World Domination Has Begun!!

The Kreatrix has returned home with the news that two of my World Domination Squad have been adopted into loving homes! The North Carolina Zoo To Do was a smashing success.

Envoy was adopted by a very lovely young woman. Look at him posing at the Zoo To Do. I taught him everything he knows.


And here's Newman warming up before the crowd arrived:


Newman was adopted by a very nice chap who wanted him to be something called "eye-candy" in his little girl's bedroom until she's old enough to play with him. Very cool. I'd like an "eye-candy" assignment!

Hey nice people, if you stop in here on our clog (cat blog) please send us photos of our gang so we don't miss them too much! We'll post them for all our fans to see!

Here is the entrance to the Zoo To Do party tent:


Kreatrix told us about an amazing young woman (only 26 years old) who painted this:


Speechless here. No wonder Kreatrix wanted this but it sold for a lot of money.

Look who got her own private limousine while helping the Kreatrix do PR work back east.



She was a little nervous after Envoy and Newman headed off to the zoo so she made some new friends at the home of Kreatrix Mother.

Of course, this is news to us. We thought Kreatrix came from another planet so when we asked her about having a mother she said "Oh...Mom found me next to the spaceship and brought me home."

Hmmm. I must investigate this further.'s a couple of new friends hangin' with our silk brocade beauty.


The  Kreatrix Mother has an odd little creature in her house.

A little Chihuahua with giant ears sits in a patch of sunshine.

I am told this is a dog. Wow. I somehow expected dogs to be bigger.

That's it for now folks. Stay tuned for more big news coming your way!


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Please Don't Fold, Spindle or Mutilate!

Folks, I am concerned. The Kreatrix is taking my new minions on an airplane tomorrow!



She reassured me they'd be safe inside the airplane with her...


Look at this face and ask yourself if you'd stuff her in a suitcase:

A very adorable cat doll made out of Asian silk brocade fabric. She sits with a sultry look on her face.

I mean really...

Silk brocade lovely cat sits on edge of table with her legs crossed very dainty-like.

I gathered my minions of World Domination Smiles and Happiness and gave them emergency lessons in curling up inside the Kreatrix carry-on bag. Please note:

I think they enjoyed it a little too much.

Here we are before the training session. I won't show you the after picture.

The three newest members of the Catberry Tails gang pose with the Chairman.

The Prof and I also got Kreatrix a special self inflating and adjustable back pillow for the oddly shaped seats you humans travel in whilst hurdling through the air.

Um. You release a valve on the pillow as it's stuffed behind your back and it makes a sound like a nice, long dog fart. Kreatrix said it's called a long, slow windy one.


Here are the cool tags that get tied around the wrists of my World Domination Embassadors.

The doll tags, complete with instructions of care and a list including things you learn from cats. Stuff like stretch daily, hiss as needed, unconditional love, etc.

I'm nervous and excited! I hope Kreatrix sits next to an understanding person who doesn't think she's being rude when her back pillow decides to cut one.



The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

So Don't Laugh

Meet one of our new members!

The Chairman poses with a tuxedo style cat doll.

Handsome chap, isn't he!

A closeup of the Chairman and the newest member.

Kreatrix made him out of a man's suit jacket. NOT THE PROF's. Whew! That would have provided major entertainment for us cats.

The Chairman showing us the new cat's spots on his back.

Cool spots!

Detail shot of the spots made out of men's suits.

Kreatrix made the spots so they look furry!

CAUTION: If you're squeamish, look the other way.

Here's his booty. Nifty, huh?

We see the bottom of the new cats booty and he has a flower button where his butt-hole would be.

I want a booty flower under my tail. I figure if Dude is gonna call me one of those I might as well own one.

Now don't laugh...until this handsome chap gets adopted and somebody gives him his forever name, he's decided his name is


Yep. Kreatrix told him that he is part of a very special envoy for my community seeing as he's flying cross country for the fancy Zoo auction.

Here is Envoy in training for real-life cat interactions.

Envoy poses with real life cat Rudy.

Clearly Rudy is used to all of us.

And here is Envoy's first selfie -

Envoy takes a selfie.

Here I am chilling with Wally (and no I didn't kill him. He's sleeping).

Real life cat Wally is sleeping on his back while the Chairman lays on his back next to him.

Eve 2.0 and Ginger will introduce you to another member later this week!


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

That's Right! Heat's On Under Kreatrix's Hiney!

The Chairman cat doll is sitting at his desk with a box in front of him.

Lots happenin' here. We'll be making a big announcement later this week!

And it has to do with my dream of World Domination.

Kreatrix says I should call it Community Development.


Lays there, doesn't it? Doesn't have the same ring to it as WORLD DOMINATION.

See this box?

The Chairman holds the box up. It has a little red sticker on it that says Yay!

Step 1 to World Domination is inside. Notice it even says Yay! on the box.

The lid of the box is open and business cards are packaged inside.

Our business cards arrived last week from Moo Cards!!!

The Chairman has spread the cards out on his desk and is looking at them.

I could cry I'm so happy.

An overhead shot of some really fun business cards featuring the dolls.

And they give you this really cool thing to hold the cards in:

The Chairman poses with a nice faux leather box.

The Chairman opens the carrier and spills the cards on the desk.

Eve 2.0 is feeling very famous.

Eve 2.0 poses with a business card that has her photo on it.

More exciting news later! The heat is on!


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Serious Legal Business Goin' Down Here

So I peel back one of the Kreatrix' eyelids early the other morning and showed her this:

An animation of a black cat filings its nails with a fingernail file.

Yep. We are WAITING! Time to get this World Domination show on the road.

We got through to her because she took Eve 2.0 with her to see a lawyer. Confusing! I could see a veterinarian but a lawyer? Kreatrix said:

It's for protection...for all of you.

Eve was nervous but held up well.

Eve 2.0, the cute cat doll sits at the conference room table in a trademark lawyers office.

Apparently, Kreatrix is adding a category of  "dolls" to her existing Trademark. Again with calling us dolls. We are CATS. Sheesh.

AND, we helped her design business cards! This will be the front:

The front of the business cards for Catberry Tails. Very fun and colorful.

Moo Cards lets you run as many designs as you want on the backs of your cards. Saaweeeet! So 100 will have Eve on the back:

The back of the card looks like a magazine cover. Eve 2.0 poses on a white backdrop and is surrounded by humorous articles reportedly inside the magazine.

And 100 will have Opie on the back:

Opie, the high end art doll, is posed on the white back drop with article titles surrounding him. Looks exactly like a magazine cover.

Here's the cool little images Moo Cards displayed after we ordered them with special rounded corners:

The final look of the cards with special rounded corners.

We are all so excited. BUT

P.S. KREATRIX!!! What about my CAR, my World Dominationmobile???? Uh-huh. You remember that, don't ya?

P.S.S. Love you.


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Things are getting very interesting around here...

The Kreatrix flat out on her back surrounded by papers, a calculator, a bottle of Advil and the cat doll community.

Lots of little slips of paper with numbers. Lots of cursing.

I have learned the Kreatrix has a bad uncle.

His name is Sam. And every year he asks for some money.

I offered to have a word with him but I was told

“Naw. Everyone has the same Uncle Sam. He’s very large.”


Just when I thought they all clock in somewhere around 6 feet (give or take a bit) I learn there’s one of you that’s even bigger.


I googled Uncle Sam.

The I Want You portrait of Uncle Sam that has been used since World War 1.

I see no family resemblance to any human I know other than (possibly) a somewhat angry Santa Claus.

Is Santa a human?