The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

In an attempt... get the Kreatrix' attention I MAY have shown the following video to Wally, Melvin and Rudy.


Just so they could stage a coup, a takeover of the house. Maybe. Ya know, shake up the management a bit.

And while I'm very happy for how well the Kreatrix' design business is flourishing, I'm thinking some of that money could be used for house renovations and additional wings added for Yours Truly, Ginger, Dr. Rascal, Penny, Eve and so on and so forth. Oh, yes, and


I'm going into my TINY bedroom to pout now.



The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Santa Has Entered The Building!

Remember this?

A photo of the Chairman posing with the Santa suit still on its hanger. He is not smiling.

Yep. Twas for me. And I was told to pick my own "Elf Assistant"

sigh I wasn't real happy about it at first (as you'll see in the video below).


When I knew the ladies got to sit on my lap...well...

Naturally, Kreatrix is on a massive deadline that has made liquid spew from her eyes and she's frothing at the mouth saying things like

"It's Christmas for foo-foo sakes"

P.S. She didn't say foo-foo. Sometimes she has a potty mouth and my curse jar loves her.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

The Chairman cat doll is in a santa suit meant for dogs. It is obvious by his photoshopped frown that he is not happy.
Santa and his Elf Assistant



The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

#1 Tip For Felines

If you see this come out:

A photo of the dreaded cat carrier used to take cats to the veterinarian.

RUN! HIDE! Do NOT think it's a cool little cat bed and go inside for a nap, MELVIN.

I for one have vivid memories of what happens when I deal with one of these. You can check out that misadventure here.

Melvin was the first to leave for his "Spa Day".

Right. Clueless.

He had to have four teeth pulled. And if that wasn't enough, he comes home and Wally doesn't recognize him. Two days of hissing, chasing and spitting.

Melvin, the real life cat, gives Wally the stink-eye.
Melvin gives the Wally the stink-eye...

No amount of butt-sniffing could convince Wally that Melvin is the same buddy he has been playing with for several years.

Wally sniffs Melvin's butt.
Wally goes in for another sniff...

Wally ruled the roost while Melvin hid wondering what he'd done wrong.

Wally is resting in front of a roaring fire in a very comfy chair.
Hey Wally...where's Melvin?

And then...

It was Wally's turn. Wally's "Spa Day".

You'd think he would have figured something was up when he didn't get his bedtime snack. You'd think he would have REALLY figured it out when he didn't get his breakfast. Here's a tip Wally:

FASTING isn't always a good thing!

Oh, lordy. Wally was crying and begging. Then he eyed the freshly decorated tree with a look on his face of:

This tree is goin' down unless you feed me NOW!

Wally is eyeing the christmas tree with a devilish look on his face.

FINALLY Melvin sees the dreaded formerly cool cat bed by the front door. Check out his face.

Melvin's ears are pinned back and his pupils huge. He is sitting on top of a desk looking down at the carrier.

Notice the position of the ears. Yup. Spa Day my pahtooty. That is a look born from experience, people. Melvin KNEW. There is no Spa.

Uh-huh. Well, check out this video:

Long story short, Wally comes home minus 3 teeth and voila! Melvin ain't so bad after all.

Sheesh. And if things couldn't get any more weird, check out the resident kitty at the veterinarian's office:

An adorable siamese cat with a dress on and a special cone around it's neck.

Apparently she has a very bad skin condition where it tears easily. She has to stay dressed like this so she doesn't hurt herself.

The dressed up kitty is staring at a Santa Clause cannister of the counter top.

I like how she's doing a mental probe on Santa up there.

Fork over a treat mister magic-reindeer-sleigh-flying-knows-everyone's-wish-list-jolly-man-in- red.

Kreatrix took pity on her and fished a treat out of Santa's head for her. M'kay, I'm gonna leave you with that visual.



The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Born To Be Wild

But apparently wild will have to wait because you humans require things called license plates and drivers license. Sheesh!

Reminder. Here is our World Dominationmobile on its worst day.

Beaten up child's electric car with potential.

And here it is SMOKIN'

The Chairman and his gang sitting in a little red corvette.


Due to said minor detail of license and license plate, the only driving I'm allowed to do is on the Kreatrix driveway...

All 10 feet of it

I am now an expert at backing up and pulling forward.

Dude edited together the rather repetitive footage Kreatrix shot due to my INABILITY TO GO OUT ON THE STREET. Dude almost made it look good.

That’s Dude in the center down there. Obviously smarter than he looks.

Dude is peering over the back seat of the car.

Sherlock got to ride in the passenger's seat just before he left for his big fancy gig for the Stray Cat Alliance. He's in Los Angeles right now and will soon travel to Brentwood. Hope it doesn't go to his head.

Sherlock sits in the passenger's seat of the cat looking quite daper.

Enjoy our drive backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards...sigh. So close and yet so far.


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

More Community Members Are On The Way!

Kreatrix is hard at work on more community members! The good news is:

We hope to be selling them soon and contributing a portion of proceeds to animal rights organizations!

We made Kreatrix take a break and watch this cool video. Check out what this guy built for his cat who had a nasty ear infection and had to have drops put in his ears. The little dude kept running from his human and his human wanted to do something special for him.

As if I didn't have enough to worry about, I'm afraid Kreatrix is going to try to build one of these in our house...


Ginger has her own letterhead now! She is an adorable soft sculptured cat doll. Her letterhead features beautiful handwriting and a beauty shot of Ginger.

The Same Hand That Created Us Did This

Hello my munchkins! Ginger, Feline Reporter on assignment. The Chairman prepared this evidence for you concerning just how far off "the deep end" our beloved Kreatrix has gone. But then, we still think she might be communicating with alien visitors from another planet. Check it out here and here.

If you don't want to see an ugly little worm get consumed by a cute little critter, don't watch this.



I Can't Get Enough of It

Have to say...not a huge fan of Friskies for my cats other than as a guilty pleasure (much like a bag of fat-laden, high salt, out-of-this-world-with-goodness, and badness, potato chips). Yep. They love it. Just like my love affair with Lays Potato Chips. Whew. Still. Kudos. Excellent short film you frisky folks at Friskies!

P.S. And yes...posting a video means I am verrrrrrry busy. With Christmas designs. sigh.

Merry Freakin' Christmas in the 90 degree heat of full-throttle summer.

Bah humbug.

If You Love Animals...

I saw the most amazing show on PBS last night. My Bionic Pet.

Here is the trailer.

The world is so full of violence and bad news right now, that we often forget there are amazing people doing some amazing things. In this case, they are helping animals live happy, productive lives. In years past, these very animals would have been euthanized.

I especially love the sentiment given by one of the makers of the prosthetic limbs for animals -

"Why not help them? They are not a possession like a piece of furniture. Rather, we should view ourselves as their guardians."

You can watch the full-length version here (56 minutes) or clink on the PBS link in blue below the video. You'll be redirected to the PBS website.