The World Dominationmobile


Eve's Letterhead. A cute floral background with a banner reading from the desk of Eve two point oh.

From The Front Lines of The Stray Cat Club Bash!

by Eve Twopointoh (2.0)

A glamour shot of Eve Two point oh. Soft focus. Wearing a beautiful necklace.
My Official Beauty Shot!

Saturday, October 18th, was the annual fundraiser for The Stray Cat Alliance held at a big Hollywood agent's estate. Three hundred cat people attended the fancy affair to help raise money for the rescue and rehabilitation of homeless and injured cats.

I got to attend because I am the current generation of the World Domination Squad. I have a new and improved booty so I don't tip over.

As you know from the Chairman's meltdown, this was my ride for the evening :

A very lovely, sparkly large purse. Very colorful and lovely.

Ginger and Peach helped me get ready with makeup and jewelry.

Three adorable soft sculpture cat dolls and are a bathroom counter with makeup and jewelry. Ginger is fastening a necklace around Eve's neck. Peach looks on.

HOWEVER. The Chairman kept carrying on in the background saying:

Some cat dolls get to hang out in a glittery, NICE bag!

The girls gave me a final hug.

Three soft sculpture cat dolls and in a group embrace.

Here I am in the "glittery, nice bag" as we drove to the estate in Brentwood.

Eve's bottom half is perched inside a colorful bag. Her top half is sitting up and looking around.

The valets whisked our car away and I saw sooooo many cat people and cameras that I froze. OK. Maybe I hissed. But then a female human saw me and screeched:

"OMG! Look at the adorable cat doll!"

She held my paw and smiled while a paparazzi took my photo. I hope I didn't blink.

Then I saw Sherlock with a throng of cat people around him!

Sherlock poses on a fancy silent auction table.

I didn't get to spend long with him because he was pretty popular with the ladies!

A cute photo of Eve posing with Sherlock.

I asked Kreatrix if we were at a fancy hotel and she said:

"Um. No. That is somebody's home, Eve."

Wow. I don't think we have enough money in the curse jar to buy one of those places for Kreatrix and The Prof.

The dinner was held in a really big back yard!

Lots of people at dinner tables near a swimming pool and a huge pool house in the background.

That's not the main house back there folks. Kreatrix said it looked like guest accommodations or a pool house.

More people at tables with two huge video screen behind a large state. Photos of rescued cats are on the screen.

I must say, cat people are a delightful group and I met so many nice people who kept telling me how adorable I was.

It was a magical and romantic evening! It left me wishing I had a special tom...Ginger has the Chairman...who do I have?...sigh. Kreatrix, is there someone special for me?

Eve is sitting on the dinner table with roses, candlelight and wine glasses in the background.

Best of all, Sherlock worked his magic and raised a nice bundle of money to help homeless cats!

Let's watch Sherlock one more time as he goes for his honorary ride in the World Dominationmobile! He's my hero.


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

In Honor of Halloween

The Kreatrix took me to a scary place and I had to travel there in the darn pink shopping bag.

The Chairman poses with a pink shopping bag. He is obviously not happy.

As you can see above, I WAS NOT HAPPY ABOUT THE BAG!

That said...I present to you the scary place I traveled to:

Seriously humans? I liked the dancing but that place is indeed scary. Kreatrix says humans like to hang out there.

Whatever floats your boat...

Ginger and I were going to go buy a pumpkin but this dude appeared outta nowhere in our backseat and there was no room for the pumpkin.

Ginger and The Chairman are driving in their World Dominationmobile. A large, but adorable Yoda head from Star Wars is peeking over the backseat.

He looks oddly familiar.  Ginger says he looks just odd.  Nice guy, though.

We brought him home. We're keeping him. Kreatrix doesn't know, yet...SHHHH!



The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Born To Be Wild

But apparently wild will have to wait because you humans require things called license plates and drivers license. Sheesh!

Reminder. Here is our World Dominationmobile on its worst day.

Beaten up child's electric car with potential.

And here it is SMOKIN'

The Chairman and his gang sitting in a little red corvette.


Due to said minor detail of license and license plate, the only driving I'm allowed to do is on the Kreatrix driveway...

All 10 feet of it

I am now an expert at backing up and pulling forward.

Dude edited together the rather repetitive footage Kreatrix shot due to my INABILITY TO GO OUT ON THE STREET. Dude almost made it look good.

That’s Dude in the center down there. Obviously smarter than he looks.

Dude is peering over the back seat of the car.

Sherlock got to ride in the passenger's seat just before he left for his big fancy gig for the Stray Cat Alliance. He's in Los Angeles right now and will soon travel to Brentwood. Hope it doesn't go to his head.

Sherlock sits in the passenger's seat of the cat looking quite daper.

Enjoy our drive backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards...sigh. So close and yet so far.


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

World Domination With Awesome Sauce on The Side

Kreatrix and The Prof took me to a car show!

So I can get ideas for fixing up my World Dominationmobile!

Here I am heading out:

The Chairman sticks his head out the car window.

I want NEED one of these somewhere in my car. Please, Kreatrix, please try to find one.

Two photos of a vintage pickup truck with an outrageous bloodshot eyeball and big teeth on the stick shift. Very cool!

I don't understand how these guys below pulled this off. They can't even see over the steering wheel.


You'd think they'd be happier but look at 'em.

Two Roadrunner dolls sitting inside the most awsome vintage pickup truck.

I...I...EEEEEEEEK! A real live Corvette. AND. IT'S. RED.

A beautiful red corvette! The Chairman is leaning agains the shiney chrome hubcap daydreaming. He is also shown sitting inside the car!

Look at me up there daydreaming about my own red Corvette.

A turquoise vintage car, spit polished and gleaming. The Chairman poses next to it.

This turquoise number looked really good next to me. And yet, I don't understand why people were pointing and laughing. Some of them wanted to touch me. Hmmmmm.

The Kreatrix and the Chairman sit inside a 1969 Black Datson convertible with red interior. Very sweet!

The little black car is a 1969 Datsun convertible and the nice man let us sit in it. I call him nice because he thought I was a cute little cat.

Lookey here. Kreatrix was NOT amused when I told her this is how she looks when under extreme deadlines.

Hysterical cartoon drawing of Rat Frink emblazoned on the side of a hot rod. Rat fink has big teeth and bulging eyes.

Another thing. I couldn't understand why the Prof would stuff me inside a pink shopping bag and asked me to be quiet. I wonder if it had to do with people pointing at him whilst holding me next to cars. I reminded him about those two mean looking stuffed animals sitting inside the cool pickup truck. HELLO. That man wasn't embarrassed by his dolls.

A collection of shots including purple dice on a door lock, vintage chrom grill work and a vintage Ford Logo emblazoned across a shiny red hood.

Kreatrix loves design of all kind and finds these vintage cars so inspiring.

HEY! Look. It's Gangsta Cat:

The Chairman sits on the ground with a bandana tied over his nose. Next to him is a can of spray paint. He looks like a gangsta!

And I'm working on my car!!!!!

The Chairman is aiming the spray can at his bright red corvette, also known as The World Dominationmobile.

I could pass out and not from the fumes. FROM EXCITEMENT PEOPLE!

If you need a refresher, this is what the alleged car to be used by my community in our quest for World Domination looks like:

Beaten up child's electric car with potential.

Uh-huh. Stunning.


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Serious Legal Business Goin' Down Here

So I peel back one of the Kreatrix' eyelids early the other morning and showed her this:

An animation of a black cat filings its nails with a fingernail file.

Yep. We are WAITING! Time to get this World Domination show on the road.

We got through to her because she took Eve 2.0 with her to see a lawyer. Confusing! I could see a veterinarian but a lawyer? Kreatrix said:

It's for protection...for all of you.

Eve was nervous but held up well.

Eve 2.0, the cute cat doll sits at the conference room table in a trademark lawyers office.

Apparently, Kreatrix is adding a category of  "dolls" to her existing Trademark. Again with calling us dolls. We are CATS. Sheesh.

AND, we helped her design business cards! This will be the front:

The front of the business cards for Catberry Tails. Very fun and colorful.

Moo Cards lets you run as many designs as you want on the backs of your cards. Saaweeeet! So 100 will have Eve on the back:

The back of the card looks like a magazine cover. Eve 2.0 poses on a white backdrop and is surrounded by humorous articles reportedly inside the magazine.

And 100 will have Opie on the back:

Opie, the high end art doll, is posed on the white back drop with article titles surrounding him. Looks exactly like a magazine cover.

Here's the cool little images Moo Cards displayed after we ordered them with special rounded corners:

The final look of the cards with special rounded corners.

We are all so excited. BUT

P.S. KREATRIX!!! What about my CAR, my World Dominationmobile???? Uh-huh. You remember that, don't ya?

P.S.S. Love you.


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Sooooo. Here’s the HOOD OF MY CAR, my beloved World Dominationmobile…

The Chairman cat doll is sitting on a seat taken out of his car, with a bright red car hood on the floor in front of him. The hood looks great!

...hold me back. And. As you’ve seen much, MUCH earlier…I do have the seats covered.

I tell the Kreatrix.

“Righto…love the color BUT WHERE’S THE REST OF THE CAR?”

Know what she says?

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, little buddy.”


For real?



I am spending waaaay too much time on Google these days. HOWEVER, I now know what "Rome wasn’t built in a day" means BUT-

This is Rome.

A packed skyline of Rome...lots of buildings.

Not built in a day? REALLY? Well, I never…

Let me put some perspective into this equation:

The lovely, crowded photo of Rome versus a photo of the Chairman's lonely car.

If I may “drive” my point home, look what happens when you neglect Rome too much:

Ancient, crumbling ruins tourists love to visit when in Rome.


Eve 2.0. may have gotten crushed physically by a human hind quarters but I feel crushed emotionally.

I’m going to go bond with the hood of my car.


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Finally one of us cat dolls gets control of the mouse!

Look at us. We are meditating! More on that later.

A row of cute, colorful cat dolls sits crossed legged as they meditate.

First order of business are photos from our annual retreat and our class on using Bondo.

Since it’s been soooo long (ahem) I will remind you of  this:

Beaten up child's electric car with potential.

That's right, this is what passes for our World Dominationmobile.

ANYWAY, the CEO and the Prof led the workshop which we held outdoors due to Bondo fumes and my delicate nature with said fumes.

Three cute cat dolls, including the Chairman and CEO, are applying bondo to the hood of the car.

Here I am sanding the Bondo after it dried.

The Chairman sanding away on the dried Bondo.

And since I originally thought the Bondo workshop was going to be learning all about James Bond and how to be ultra sneaky, the Kreatrix put this together.

The Chairman cat doll's head replaces Daniel Craigs on the Movie poster for James Bond 007. The poster reads The Chairman is James Bondo in double oh seven.

Laugh all you want. I look good!

As for us meditating. I was inspired by a comment from our fan Candie on the previous post. She suggested I “ponder the meaning of life” while waiting for the Kreatrix to get around to my stuff.

Have you ever Googled “what is the meaning of life”? WOAH.

I did find this guy with a very long name – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Photo of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

I decided I like him (Note to self: why is it people who wear robes all the time have so much power? Judges, Priests, Monks, Dalai Lamas...)

Check this out.

The Dalai Lama is riding a ski lift with a group of men in suits.

The Kreatrix and I LOVED this article.  The story about the Dalai Lama riding the ski lift will make you smile AND he has something to say about the meaning of life!

Thank you Candie! This 007 cat doll is going to sit and meditate some more.


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Sometimes a little guy just needs his space

Let me explain.

This is how my World Dominationmobile is stored in the back yard while we're working on it.

The Chairman's car is underneath a tarp.

So far, so good.

I'm not sure how to say this but here goes:

"Ginger is just really, really pretty and well, I kinda wanted time with her...ALONE. "

Now, you may know where I'm going with this. I told Dude where Gin-gin and I were headed. HOWEVER, the Kreatrix couldn't find me and started getting really panicked (or so Dude said). Dude escapes to the back yard to warn us and here is what the Kreatrix saw from inside the house.

Dude's backside hanging out of the car as it is still partially covered with the tarp.

Dude wants to know what to tell the Kreatrix because she's so worried and what if she calls the Police?

Ginger and the Chairman lean towards Dude as creeps under the tarp to warn them.

We were just about to come back inside when this happened:

The tarp is lifted way up over the car as Ginger and The Chairman stare up at the Kreatrix.

We inhaled and held our breath as we looked up at our beloved Kreatrix.

"Awwww. Were you guys necking?"

The Kreatrix hand can be seen motioning to Ginger and The Chairman.

You might think the story ends there...ya know, with us not getting in trouble. But Kreatrix starts singing all these songs by a man named Barry White and says she's got a little surprise she's going to prepare for me.

Uh-huh. it is.


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint. So This Is What Stress Feels Like

I sorta had a little snapping point and hollered to the gang

"I'm just a little guy. I'm afraid I won't figure it all out."

Of course the Kreatrix heard me and said

"Please don't say 'just a little guy.' It diminishes you."

Oh, boy. And we all know I'm not that big to start with.

She tells me

"Don't think so much. Use your intuition. You know: "Use the Force, Luke!"

Then she goes on to tell me that Homer began The Illiad and The Odyssey with an invocation to the Muses.

A picture of Homer Simpson with his tongue hanging out.

Homer Simpson writes stuff? No offense, but I didn't think he had it in him.

So apparently fear is some kind of evil force that artists and dudes like me have to slay everyday.

So The Kreatrix shows me these idols of hers:

"The man who is largely responsible for these Pixar characters having a chance at life on the big screen advised us to: Stay hungry. Stay foolish. His name was Steve Jobs."

So I'm not supposed to worry about knowing everything. Sometimes it's okay to go a bit Homer Simpson and not know what I'm doing. It might just create something no one else thought of.

So I sucked it up and got to work without knowing a darn thing other than my name and look!

The Chairman sitting on his car seat covered in beautiful sheepskin fabric.

BOOOOOYAH! One seat for my car is covered! BUT IT TOOK ALLLLLL DAY. With Dude's help.

So I went off to bed after a hard days work and walked out to the studio the next day and saw BOTH SEATS COVERED! I cried tears of happiness like a little kitten and The CEO comforted me.

The CEO comforts The Chairman as he cries.

We sat on the new squishy seats for my car and talked about life.

The Chairman and CEO sit on the sheepskin auto seats and look at each other.

"The Kreatrix and I want you to understand something. It's best summed up by a quote from the writings of W.H. Murray. It was recited at the ceremony where The Kreatrix married The Professor."

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and material assistance which no man or cat could have dreamed would have come his way. I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets:

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

Woah. Now I really feel like Homer Simpson. I'm off to chew on those words.

The Kreatrix wants you to know about Steven Pressfield's books: The War of Art and Do The Work. Apparently they are like Luke using the Force.