The Players

THE RLC'S (Real Life Cats)

Opie, the black and white feline star of Catberry Tails.

Opie. AKA Opus, Puh, Opahdieyah, My love, Kid. Born: 1994 unknown city. Rescued from middle of busy road on Christmas night, 1995, in North Hollywood, California. Within short order, the successful cartoon charcters of Catberry RFD were born featuring a collection of fabrics from Robert Kaufman textiles and various other licensing agreements. Opie was named after the character Opie on Mayberry RFD because he was as sweet & friendly as Ron Howard's character (beginning to see how the name Catberry Tails was born?) Within 2 years, the name of the series was changed to Catberry Tails to avoid confusion with the beloved TV series. Hence, if you have fabric with Catberry RFD printed on the selvedge you have a very unique piece of Catberry history! Opie left us to go on assignment with the Wise Ones in 2012 where he keeps watch over the household and continues to inspire his soulmate. Hobbies: good listener, anything to do with love, household cop, feline groomer, expert cuddler.

Sweet Wally, black and white 4 year old male cat.

Wally. AKA Wally Wolenda, Voolas, Twinkle Toes. Pumpkin. Born: 2009 Los Angeles, in an apartment building wall. Yes, inside the wall. Was the only one in litter who kept escaping from his temporary home in a bathtub whilst humans were at work. No...there was no water in the tub. Yes. He greeted the humans at the door when they came home. Hobbies: somersaults, bellyrubbing, talking, fetching toys. Loves playing hide and seek. Favorite toy(s): the female human, blankets on the floor, a white stuffed mouse from IKEA.

Rudy, a beautiful long haired orange cat. Very loving. Age 5.

Rudy. AKA Wudey Wudman, Rootin' Tootin' Rudy Booty, Bloomer Boy, Freckle Lips, Opie's cat. Born:  2008, Los Angeles. Rescued from an abusive home. Hobbies: sharpening his claws, posing for photographs, sunbathing, cuddling with the female human, dive bombing Wally and Melvin (then runs and hides), creating toilet paper art right on the roll while mounted on the wall. Favorite toy: none. They're beneath him.

Melvin, the baby, orange and white cat. Very funny.


Melvin.  AKA Smelly Melly, Minton, Mint Melano. Born: 2011, San Fernando Valley. Rescued from life on streets in gang infested area. Bounced from home to home until arriving here. Hobbies: playing with Wally, belly rubs, greeting people at the door, playing fetch, hiding toys in the humans' bed. Favorite toy(s): pink & black striped mouse, human toes (wear shoes if you visit).


THE RSC's (Real Stuffed Cats)

A whimsical stuffed cat doll made from an old suit jacket.

The CEO. AKA The Really Old One (or Moses, for short), He Who Came FIrst, Prototype 1. Born: From an old suit jacket a long time ago. Was made with so much love he came to life one night much to the surprise of He and She. Very loving and wise. Hobbies: teaching the Chairman how to run the business, making people happy, intermediary with the RLC's.



Hand painted and stuffed whimsical cat doll.

The Chairman. AKA Rockstar, Worry Wart. Born: Out of hand-painted fabric painted by She and Wally (and Wally won't let him forget it). Very loved by She (and he won't let Wally forget it). Always has a smile on his face. Hard working, wants to be like The CEO. Hobbies: Roaming the house in the middle of the night, plotting new projects with She, photography, computers.

THE HUMANSThe human creators of Catberry Tails feed their cats a gourmet meal.

SHE. AKA The Kreatrix, Crazy Artist, Wife to He. Born: a nice place in the countryside somewhere in the USA. Is handy with paint brushes, computers and sewing machines. Hobbies: Art & Design, Cats, Husband. Favorite toy(s): Husband, Walle, Rudy, Melvin.

HE. AKA The Prof, Understanding Man Person, Husband to She. Born: a nice suburb somewhere towards the right side of the USA. Is handy at ordering large groups of young people around. He often teaches them cool stuff, too. Hobbies: Theatre, Cats, Wife. Favorite toy(s): Wife, Walle, Rudy, Melvin.