New Soft Sculptures


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

We already know the Kreatrix's marbles have been missing for a long time.

The Kreatrix flat out on her back surrounded by papers, a calculator, a bottle of Advil and the cat doll community.


Cat dolls are sitting in front of an indoor tepee. All we see of the Kreatrix is her legs sticking out.

But now it seems she's passed this disease on to some of my newest community members.

She brought home this hand-dyed fabric from her friend, a well-known tapestry and textile artist, and presented it to me with a flourish:

Behold...I bring you marbled fabric.

Hand marbled raw silk
Beautiful hand-dyed marbled fabric on raw silk.
Hand marbled raw silk

So if I understand correctly...her friend Lynda lost her marbles on some expensive raw silk fabric. AND. It's one-of-a-kind, original, yadda yadda yadda.

Ok. It's pretty. But I'm not so sure about people losing their marbles just for the sake of my World Domination plan. Hasn't the world lost enough of its marbles? Seriously, humans.



So here's the result of people losing their marbles.

Two very cute cats seated with crossed legs. They are made from raw silk marbled fabric.
Seated cat measure 12.5" tall.

So how did marble tossing by humans create these fine chaps but cause so much chaos elsewhere in the world?


Dr.  Rascal put Jellybean and Popcorn (don't ask) through the initiation ceremony where they learn how to pose and how to understand humans. You heard correctly.

Dr. Rascal is seated with two other cats. They appear to be deep in conversation.

Jellybean in the Catberry Tails official portrait:

Adorable soft sculpture cat made of hand marbled fabric is seated in wicker chair.
Jellybean is approximately 22" tall (feet to ear tip)

Here is Popcorn from the back.

As shown here, seated height: 12.5" tall

The good news is Jellybean went to a forever home in Boise, Idaho! World Domination is panning out nicely! And Jellybean's new family emailed us some photographs!

Soft sculpture cat sits with a real life black cat.

Jellybean seems to be enjoying his new real live cats named Blackie and Periwinkle.

A real life cat gives Jellybean a sideways look.

Gotta admit, Periwinkle up there seems kinda skeptical about Jellybean. Not to worry. Dr. Rascal trained Jellybean on how to win EVERYONE over.

So I'm off to the backyard where I'm going to practice throwing some marbles around and see what I come up with.

Extreme closeup of the Chairman's face.

Please pick yours up after you've tossed littering, humans!


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Who Knew Details Could Be So Demanding?

Allow me to present Rudy demonstrating how I, the Chairman, feel right now.

A striking photo of long haired Rudy, the real life cat. Very beautiful.

Yes. I am filled to the brim with a sense of pious disgruntlement for our dear Kreatrix. Delays are the name of the game with her royal highness because

It's all in the details, people, and details take time.

Or so she says. Sheesh.

I'm supposed to post some detail shots of some of my gang because Kreatrix is so excited about them.

Notice how the noses are raised from the face? Ok, so I'm envious. Mine isn't. Perhaps I'll request a nose job for Christmas.

Detail shot of soft sculptured cat nose on Cooper, the cat.

And behold the lush lashes. Again, jealous.

A closeup of a soft sculptured cat doll's eye with eyelid detailing and frayed lashes under the eye.

Personally hand-dyed fabric by the Kreatrix. Eve 2.0 is shown with a few samples. Oh she's envious but at least she was the first one to get the new improved booty. She can actually sit up whilst checking out the envy-inducing fabric.

Soft Sculptured Cat doll posing with an array of hand-dyed fabric.

Look at this gang! Look at their paws! Notice how they're perpendicular to the ground? Guess whose aren't.

A fun assortment of soft sculptured cat dolls posing for the camera.

And each member gets a cool little pom-pom thingy attached to its paw! Made by the Kreatrix for all but me.

A fluffy colorful pom-pom is attached to the paw of a soft sculptured cat.

So let's tally up the qualities Kreatrix is bestowing on my current community members that I PERSONALLY DON'T HAVE because she was

just finding my way...

Again. Her words. So, here we go:

  1. A new and improved booty (Hey Kreatrix: I could actually sit without falling over).
  2. A soft sculpted nose that rises so gently away from the face.
  3. Fluffy, sexy lower eye lashes.
  4. Adorable little paws that are actually  perpendicular to the ground...very cool. I am not worthy.
  5. Fancy, soft hand-dyed fabric for the body
  6. A fluffy, colorful pom-pom for each cat to wear

Due to said details being ladled upon the creation of my community I am only now posting photos for the initiation ceremonies of my newest members...which took place in July. JULY. Ahem.

Behold Dr. Rascal teaching the newest members the fine art of posing for maximum cuteness.

Adorable soft sculptured cat sits in a small wicker chair with a group of cats gathered at his feet.


And the greatest news of all? I present Toni and Sami posing in a gallery gift shop in North Carolina! Woo-hoo!

Two soft sculptured cats pose proudly in a gift shop of a gallery.

And so world domination begins.



The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

They're Here! Our New Soft Sculpture Cats!

At looooong last, the Kreatrix wants me to introduce you to our newest Happiness Minions!

Meet Chester

Black cat with tan stripes. Fabric was dyed using the shibori technique and discharge printing.

Chester was created by the Kreatrix using a mysterious ancient technique of fabric dying called Arashi Shibori. Remember the whole pole dancing bit from the previous post? Welp...Chester wrapped himself around a pole and Kreatrix did her magic.

Meet Cooper

A soft sculpture cat made from an upcycled mans suit. His name is Cooper.

If Cooper looks reminiscent of a man's suit, then you're smarter than you think. Kreatrix calls this technique upcycled. I call it Uptown Funk.

Meet Chloe

Soft Sculpture cat made from raw silk and dyed using a Shabori technique that involves fabric folding and clamping.

Chloe is created from hand dyed raw silk using a magic method called Itajime Shibori. Kreatrix says it involves folding fabric and using special clamps. (Chloe makes me purr but don't tell Ginger.)

Meet Sami

A soft sculpture cat made from upcycled clothing. He is grey and has an adorable ivory belly patch.

Sami is one of the upcycle gang and began life as a stretchy man's shirt. Nowadays Sami is lookin' pretty smokin' and has a very cool belly patch!

Meet Sweetpea

Sweetpea, a soft sculpture cat made from Raw Silk dyed using the Arashi Shabori technique.

Sweetpea is another one of our pole dancers (Kreatrix doesn't think I should describe it this way). Sweetpea is 100% Raw Silk and hand dyed in the Arashi Shibori style. Hubba hubba.

Meet Toni

An orange tabby soft sculpture cat made from silk velvet and dyed using the Shabori technique.

Toni is quite the orange tabby tiger! Made from silk velvet and also a pole dancer using the Arashi Shibori technique, Toni is quite soft and very easy on the eyes!

There's more folks but these are the 6 happiness minions that are making the rounds with the Kreatrix. A gallery back East is already starting to carry some of my gang!  More details and photos coming soon.

And now for a very rare and illusive photo of the Kreatrix. I'm told this is called a PR Shot. Whatever. Kreatrix doesn't like her photo taken. EVER. So she may or may not have been blotto when she actually let the Professor take this picture.

The creator of Catberry Tails poses with the Chairman and numberous soft sculpture cats.

Stay tuned!