Inside The Boardroom


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

She Likes Big Butts Especially on Cat Dolls

We had a board meeting and the Kreatrix announced a redesign on our butts. I was a bit offended at first but then I saw her point. Let's face it, a bigger booty allows for a more steady seated position. Ya we don't fall over backward.

NOTE TO SELF: Do tiny-butt humans fall over backwards? Must Google it.

The Cat Dolls at their board room table viewing a sample doll from Pier One.

Kreatrix purchased some cute dolls from Pier One for us to see because they had nice butts. (You might think butts is our key word for the spiderbots today but that would just be icky)

The Chairman and Ginger seated at the Boardroom table.

The Chairman is participating in a cell phone call at the boardroom table.

I had my first conference call ever! I could get used to this!! We also reviewed a great book that had ideas for butt implants on dolls. Kreatrix thought the book was incredible! Stuffed Animals; From Concept to Construction by Abigail Glassenberg.

Kreatrix will experiment with some cool, soft vintage fabric she found.

The Chairman inspects the vintage fabric the new dolls will be made from.

We gathered for our after meeting photo and Dude finally showed up. Check out Ginger shooting him the stink eye.

Ginger leans back and stares at Dude who is perched on the edge of the table.

Turns out Dude was on a Top Secret Mission for the Kreatrix.

A BIG MISSION. Kreatrix put money in the curse jar so we could let loose if we needed to.

The Kreatrix puts money in the curse jar as she introduces more cats to the community.

AHHHHHHHH! There's more of us!!

The Chairman covers his mouth in shock. Ginger's mouth goes into an Oh. Dude says to check out the new Denim cutie. More cats are introduced!

The three new members sit on the table.

Yowza Meowza! Some of those cats look a lot like me! I can hardly wait to get to know them. We're going to need all the helping paws around here we can get!

Get offa our tiny butts and get to work!!!


Will Cat Dolls Stage a Takeover of Catberry Tails?

The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.After the debacle -

Ew. Another biggish, vague word. They just keep coming.

After the folly of my “contemplative sitting” (I see she posted the video. I may decide not to mention that cat doll is the keyword today…that’ll set her straight. My cat doll lips are sealed)

Anywho, I slept for two days and then the Kreatrix surprised me with:


Hmmm. I wasn’t bored at all but apparently they’re called that because humans find them boring.A small globe of the world is presented to two cute cat dolls.

I was given a magic globe and was told:

“ build a community instead of trying to Dominate the World”.

Whatever. I still like the sound of Dominus Felinius.

The Chairman, a cute cat doll, is vieweing hand painted fabric.Well, lookey here! Fabric the Kreatrix painted and it looks like me!

“I think you’re lonely, so why don’t you help me build some more cat dolls like you?”

I’m a D O L L? Here’s the definition she gave me:

  “A very cute, cuddly toy”

WHAT!? That sounds as appetizing as a furball.  She sighed and said:

 “Fine. A Dominus Felinius who looks like a lovingly made cat doll.”


Here I am  “community building” with Wally. The Chairman, a cute cat doll,  pets Wally an adorable black and white real life cat.

Get a load of his face. GULP. I’ve seen the teeth on that one. But try I must!

The Chairman, an adorable cat doll, of Catberry Tails talks to Wally the cat.I've seen the way the Kreatrix cuddles with him. Lucky cat. Still has big teeth. And the final zinger from the Kreatrix?:

"Wally helped me paint you. He ran across the wet paint and got his paw prints on you."

I will never, in a million cat years, live that one down.