Holiday Cheer

The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Interesting times around here, folks-

Today, January 7th, the Kreatrix woke up and announced she was now ready for Christmas.

M'kay. Well, Kreatrix:

Stick a fork in it cause it is DONE. Fried. Come n' gone in a heated rush. Like a low flying bug on a car windshield, like yesterday's bubblegum on the bottom of your shoe, like-

Somebody stop me!

And don't tell anyone...shhhhh...

but the Christmas trees are still up...shhhhh...

Poor Kreatrix. One of those dreaded beasts we hear her call "clients" had a "semi-urgent" job that partway through turned into

oh my sweet patooty, slimy, lizard skin coated butt shenanigans YOU (the Kreatrix) have to get this job done even earlier!!!

Wanna know why Kreatrix had to work all through the holidays?

Because China is taking a 3 week break coming up in February for their New Years!

How nice for them.

Three weeks.

Three. Not days. Weeks. And stuff has to get printed and loaded onto the ships bound for Long Beach, CA so they can take a vay - cay - shun.

All designs were finished uploading to China on Tuesday the 5th. Here's a little peak at some of the evil pretty artwork that made her client so happy he called her a miracle worker.

Ok. So that was nice to hear but it kinda wasn't a miracle from what we witnessed because she never left the computer...she worked really, very, very hard...every day...Saturdays and Sundays and everything in between.

Behold, pretty storage boxes shaped like books:




Giant big storage boxes (showing lid and flap only):




But wait! There's more!

Liquid soap labels using the same elements from the large projects:




There's more!!!! Three pack soap boxes, pyramid shaped boxes, two pack soap boxes, single bar soap boxes. Whew!


BELATED HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our Catberry Tails fans!! You mean the world to us!!

By the way...2015 is the Year of The Ram. Hmmmm. I'm afraid to hear what the Kreatrix has to say 'bout that.



The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Santa Has Entered The Building!

Remember this?

A photo of the Chairman posing with the Santa suit still on its hanger. He is not smiling.

Yep. Twas for me. And I was told to pick my own "Elf Assistant"

sigh I wasn't real happy about it at first (as you'll see in the video below).


When I knew the ladies got to sit on my lap...well...

Naturally, Kreatrix is on a massive deadline that has made liquid spew from her eyes and she's frothing at the mouth saying things like

"It's Christmas for foo-foo sakes"

P.S. She didn't say foo-foo. Sometimes she has a potty mouth and my curse jar loves her.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

The Chairman cat doll is in a santa suit meant for dogs. It is obvious by his photoshopped frown that he is not happy.
Santa and his Elf Assistant



The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

A colorful Happy Halloween banner complete with mean looking pumpkin and a flying bat.

The Chairman cat doll is dressed up as a ghost. All we see are his button eyes and his arm across his chest.

I know...scary, right?

Eve 2.0 Cat doll is wearing a cap with colorul skulls on it. She is wearing pink boots meant for dog paws.

Helloooo Eve. What the heck are you? We're cutting her some slack because she painted and decorated that pumpkin.

The Chairman as a ghost, Eve with her pink boots and Ginger with orange and yellow striped toe socks on her ears and a leopard print stole wrapped around her shoulders.

And Ginger's giant ears kept getting in my face!

We asked Bandit what his costume was and he said:

I am camo cat.

Riiiiight. It is kinda hard to see him in all that black and white.

Adorable soft sculptured cat doll named Bandit. He poses with a black and white pumpkin. A skeleton is sneaking around from behind him to grab the pumpkin.

We had an "incident", though. See the skinny dude creeping around Bandit? Ya, well, he suddenly fell over. Out cold!

The skeleton laying on his back supposedly pass outed cold.

Bandit started giving him CPR and screaming:

Don't you die on me, man!

A photo of Bandit bent over the skeleton with his paws crossed on its chest giving him C P R.

Ginger starts hollering in the background:

He's not dying! Just feed him somethin' for poop's sake....MEN!

Not so sure I liked the way she said MEN!

Lets take a closer look at Bandit's technique during this dramatic moment.

An up close shot of Bandit's paws on the chest of the passed out skeleton.

Hey, remember the dude we picked up alongside the road and gave a ride home? Well, check this out:

The Chairman sits on his bicycle with a large Yoda doll hanging onto to the back seat.

I told him:

You have the best Halloween costume ever, dude.

He says

Costume it's not. Look like this I do.

I think I understand. Maybe he's from the same planet as the Kreatrix.

Animation of U F O using a beam to pick up humans.


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

In Honor of Halloween

The Kreatrix took me to a scary place and I had to travel there in the darn pink shopping bag.

The Chairman poses with a pink shopping bag. He is obviously not happy.

As you can see above, I WAS NOT HAPPY ABOUT THE BAG!

That said...I present to you the scary place I traveled to:

Seriously humans? I liked the dancing but that place is indeed scary. Kreatrix says humans like to hang out there.

Whatever floats your boat...

Ginger and I were going to go buy a pumpkin but this dude appeared outta nowhere in our backseat and there was no room for the pumpkin.

Ginger and The Chairman are driving in their World Dominationmobile. A large, but adorable Yoda head from Star Wars is peeking over the backseat.

He looks oddly familiar.  Ginger says he looks just odd.  Nice guy, though.

We brought him home. We're keeping him. Kreatrix doesn't know, yet...SHHHH!



The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Dear Humans,

Do help me understand something.

What does this

Adorable photo of a white bunny rabbit.

Or better yet…WHAT DOES THIS

Really ugly bunny rabbit costume.

Have to do with this?

A lot of colorful Easter Eggs.

Rabbits don’t lay eggs. They’re B. O. R. N., people. NOT hatched.

SO, I’m just going to have to assume there's a lot of this goin' on lately.

Photo of a very angry rooster screaming "get back here you thieving rabbit, those are my babies!"


If you saw this hopping through your front yard

Really ugly bunny rabbit costume.


I’m thinking this:

Hysterical photos of men in rabbit costumes getting arrested.

So you all have fun this weekend. The Kreatrix has so much work to do that I’m hoping she won’t have that giant, scary bunny come to our house!

Do have a fabo Easter.

Keep your doors locked.

And watch out for angry chickens.

Here is a non-scary, non-thieving bunny Kreatrix made several years ago.

A very lovely mixed media collage with an illustrated bunny.


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Things are getting very interesting around here...

The Kreatrix flat out on her back surrounded by papers, a calculator, a bottle of Advil and the cat doll community.

Lots of little slips of paper with numbers. Lots of cursing.

I have learned the Kreatrix has a bad uncle.

His name is Sam. And every year he asks for some money.

I offered to have a word with him but I was told

“Naw. Everyone has the same Uncle Sam. He’s very large.”


Just when I thought they all clock in somewhere around 6 feet (give or take a bit) I learn there’s one of you that’s even bigger.


I googled Uncle Sam.

The I Want You portrait of Uncle Sam that has been used since World War 1.

I see no family resemblance to any human I know other than (possibly) a somewhat angry Santa Claus.

Is Santa a human?


In Honor of Valentine's Day

The internet is full of pets who have heart patches in their fur. These are a few of my favorites that have been floating around the web for awhile now.

Up next is an animation from one of my favorite animators, Simon Tofield . His entire series, entitled Simon's Cat, is absolutely charming. Here is his latest one fresh off the assembly line for us this Valentine's Day.

And since love is often composed of an unlikely paring of two oddly matched individuals, I present to you one of the winners of the FRISKIES AWARD for best cat video of 2013.

To all of you who have supported us during these first months, please know that The Chairman and his entire community send their purrs and love to you today and always!

The Chairman and Ginger on a romantic Valentines background.




The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

We Got Our Own Super Bowl

The logo for the Kitten Bowl.

That's right! With cats!

Thanks to The Hallmark Channel and The North Shore Animal League we got to watch the first ever Kitten Bowl!

The North Shore Animal League is the world's largest no-kill animal shelter! They rock!!

Ginger prepared a lovely bowl of crunchy snacks for us and we had the best time watching The North Shore Bengals win the championship!

Ginger and The Chairman having snacks and watching the Kitten Bowl.

The Gang watching TV.

The CEO helping himself to some snacks while watching the Kitten Bowl.

Crunchy cat food in a bowl.

The Kreatrix thought we were so cute watching our own superbowl that she took some silly little videos and here are the highlights:

Life is good! Now it's back to work tomorrow. A BIG WEEK coming up!!


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

But If You Try Sometime, You Find, You Get What You Need

The Kreatrix kept singing those lyrics every time I grumbled about my car machine. You know, this one:

Beaten up child's electric car with potential.

Apparently a human named Rolling Stone sang this song so I googled him. Lo and behold, this popped out at me:


It's got to be a sign!!!! Remember this:

Classic Einstein photo in black and white with his tongue out.

Immediately I assumed Mr. Rolling Stone must be a genius so I figured I'd listen to him and try to work on my car machine. And while I was scrubbing it I found something.



The Chairman cat doll poses with a glass of milk in a cuplholder in his car.

A Cup Holder! Awesomeness.

And since I was so excited about my car machine that comes with a cupholder, I let the Kreatrix put a traditional Happy New Year's costume on me.

The Chairman dressed in a diaper and a two-thousand fourteen banner.

Why, humans, why? Is this really necessary?

You all go and enjoy wearing your New Year's costume and we'll catch you back here on Friday.