Great Design


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

World Domination With Awesome Sauce on The Side

Kreatrix and The Prof took me to a car show!

So I can get ideas for fixing up my World Dominationmobile!

Here I am heading out:

The Chairman sticks his head out the car window.

I want NEED one of these somewhere in my car. Please, Kreatrix, please try to find one.

Two photos of a vintage pickup truck with an outrageous bloodshot eyeball and big teeth on the stick shift. Very cool!

I don't understand how these guys below pulled this off. They can't even see over the steering wheel.


You'd think they'd be happier but look at 'em.

Two Roadrunner dolls sitting inside the most awsome vintage pickup truck.

I...I...EEEEEEEEK! A real live Corvette. AND. IT'S. RED.

A beautiful red corvette! The Chairman is leaning agains the shiney chrome hubcap daydreaming. He is also shown sitting inside the car!

Look at me up there daydreaming about my own red Corvette.

A turquoise vintage car, spit polished and gleaming. The Chairman poses next to it.

This turquoise number looked really good next to me. And yet, I don't understand why people were pointing and laughing. Some of them wanted to touch me. Hmmmmm.

The Kreatrix and the Chairman sit inside a 1969 Black Datson convertible with red interior. Very sweet!

The little black car is a 1969 Datsun convertible and the nice man let us sit in it. I call him nice because he thought I was a cute little cat.

Lookey here. Kreatrix was NOT amused when I told her this is how she looks when under extreme deadlines.

Hysterical cartoon drawing of Rat Frink emblazoned on the side of a hot rod. Rat fink has big teeth and bulging eyes.

Another thing. I couldn't understand why the Prof would stuff me inside a pink shopping bag and asked me to be quiet. I wonder if it had to do with people pointing at him whilst holding me next to cars. I reminded him about those two mean looking stuffed animals sitting inside the cool pickup truck. HELLO. That man wasn't embarrassed by his dolls.

A collection of shots including purple dice on a door lock, vintage chrom grill work and a vintage Ford Logo emblazoned across a shiny red hood.

Kreatrix loves design of all kind and finds these vintage cars so inspiring.

HEY! Look. It's Gangsta Cat:

The Chairman sits on the ground with a bandana tied over his nose. Next to him is a can of spray paint. He looks like a gangsta!

And I'm working on my car!!!!!

The Chairman is aiming the spray can at his bright red corvette, also known as The World Dominationmobile.

I could pass out and not from the fumes. FROM EXCITEMENT PEOPLE!

If you need a refresher, this is what the alleged car to be used by my community in our quest for World Domination looks like:

Beaten up child's electric car with potential.

Uh-huh. Stunning.


Ginger has her own letterhead now! She is an adorable soft sculptured cat doll. Her letterhead features beautiful handwriting and a beauty shot of Ginger.

Even Older Than Our Kreatrix

Hello sweet peas, Ginger here reporting for duty. Actually, the Chairman rolled his eyes over these pictures. Apparently, they aren't macho enough for him. So here I am.

Are you aware of  how much your life can be influenced by people you aren't even related to and possibly have never met?

When Kreatrix Mom was a very little girl, she lived across the street from two elderly women (sisters and artists) who taught her Mom how to draw and paint. And so Kreatrix grew up with a mother who was always drawing and painting. Even though Kreatrix never got to meet these two influential ladies, she feels such a kinship with them...she views them as family and a huge part of the reason she is now an artist.

Here is a very, very, very old quilt handmade by "Auntie Bachman" when she was young. She left the quilt for Kreatrix Mom to inherit when she was old enough to take care of it.

Antinque crazy quilt with hand embroidered date of 1883.

See. Old.

A beautiful detail shot of the patchwork quilt.

Auntie Bachman was an excellent painter and painted little scenes on scraps of fabric before sewing them into the quilt.

Two beautiful owls sitting on a tree branch.

Hand painted peacock feathers on a scrap of fabric.

Look at the little faces on the peas in the pod!

Hand painted pea pod. The peas have charming little faces painted on them.

Yum! A strawberry.

Beautiful hand painted strawberry and leaves.

I am told that the U.S. flag has a whole lot more stars on it nowadays.

An American flag with a lot fewer stars than we have today.

Here's the cool thing. Auntie Bachman's older sister, Aunt May, drew a huge portrait of Auntie Bachman when she turned 16 years old. Auntie Bachman wanted Kreatrix' Mom to have that portrait and one day it will be passed on to Kreatrix.

Very large, amazing charcoal drawing of a very young and pretty woman.

This is done in charcoal pencil people! YOWZA.

Detail shot of the lovely young woman done in charcoal pencil.

I think Aunt May and Auntie Bachman would really love how their gift of friendship and art lessons given to a small girl has influenced two generations of women!




High End Product Design For Cats From Catswall Designs

Colorful feeding bowls from Catswall Designs. Very unusual and elegant..

We are all about design here at Catberry Tails! From working as a freelance designer in the packaging and textile markets to creating art and soft sculptured dolls, design is a huge passion for me. And whenever the design involves cats, I'm in heaven!

Catswall Designs consistently creates beautiful but functional products for cats. They especially design for the multi-cat household!

Four bowl feeding station in fun lime green from Catswall Designs.

Love the expandability of this type of feeding station! The simplicity of design. The elegance. The color. Very successful end result!!

Amazing wall mounted playground for cats. Very modern and cool looking. Catswall Designs.

I'm speechless. Don't want to show this to Wally, Melvin and Rudy. There would be no sleep for the humans until this was installed.

Here it is in a very modern home setting.

Wall mounted playground for cats in a ultra modern home setting.

And if you're worried about your cat getting enough exercise, check this out.

Cat exercise wheel that looks like a giant hamster wheel. Very modern and cool.

Confused? Give up? It's an exercise wheel! This video explains it all!

The Chairman and gang are pulling their notes together from the first ever Catberry Tails Annual Retreat! Join us Friday for our first peek inside their busy week!