The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Fancy letter with lots of paint splatters reads Frankencat has arrived.

That's Right! Frankencat Has Entered the Building!

Remember awhile back when we found all this in the Kreatrix lair and promised to make like Dr. Frankenstein and build a Frankencat?

Whimsical cat dolls gathered around fringe and fabric, trying pieces of it on.

Well, well, well...

Cute, floppy cat dolls Ginger and Eve 2.0 are at the sewing machine working hard.
Eve 2.0 and Ginger sewing away!

Ginger and her selfies!

Ginger, the orange floppy cat doll takes a selfie.

Eve 2.0 became obsessed with Frankencat and wouldn't stop working on it.

Eve 2.0 the paisley floppy cat doll is hand-sewing Frankencat closed.


Closeup of Frankencat, a very cobbled together creature made from all kinds of scraps and such. Very punk looking cat doll.

Here's a detail shot - Eve insisted on sewing the black flowers on.

Closeup detail of black floral trim and scrawny legs of this funny little punk cat.

I choose the legs - nice and scrawny.

So here's where the story of Frankencat gets interesting. Eve 2.0 finishes him and goes to bed last night. We wake early hearing music in the other room and rush out to see what the heck.

Frankencat is playing a mini cello!


Frankencat continues playing the cello.

Kreatrix says his bow hold is very unconventional but she's not gonna tell him because he's really good!

Kreatrix loves him and gave him some vintage doll furniture to sit on and his own rug! Here's what she tells us:

Maybe he arrived in that UFO and you built him a costume to wear.

I think she's messin' with us but we still can't figure out how he learned to play the cello overnight.

Frankencat poses with his cello as it rests on the cello stand. Very professional musician type photo.
Official agent's photo...

And now a word from the Kreatrix:

What the Chairman and his gang don't know is that Frankencat is made from scraps they chose that are cut up, recycled clothing and vintage materials. The white flowers on the front are older than I am (don't ask). Thank you Grandma for being a fabric horder and for the fact some of it made its way to me.

They also don't know that I posed Frankencat with the mini cello for them to find in the morning. But what I don't understand is how he learned to play it overnight. That's a very difficult instrument! Mysteries are afoot here at Catberry Tails...