Digital Portraits


A bright and vibrant digital painting of Wally, the real life cat.

Very much on the "to create" list here at Catberry Tails are fun and colorful ultra modern digital portraits of cats. This one is of Wally. The background is leftover from a digital textile collection of mine.

And the Chairman is NOT happy because of my massive deadlines that keep me from his community development.

The Chairman sits with his arms crossed and a frown on his face.

The view of my computer screen as I juggle clients:

Photo of my iMac showing many colorful projects going on at once.

The Chairman is also not happy because we are expecting rain all weekend. He wanted to get his World Dominationmobile painted.

Perhaps I'll let him post his photos from the workshop he took on the art of using Bondo to repair his really beat up car. Poor little guy.

Stay tuned!