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Eve's Letterhead. A cute floral background with a banner reading from the desk of Eve two point oh.

From The Front Lines of The Stray Cat Club Bash!

by Eve Twopointoh (2.0)

A glamour shot of Eve Two point oh. Soft focus. Wearing a beautiful necklace.
My Official Beauty Shot!

Saturday, October 18th, was the annual fundraiser for The Stray Cat Alliance held at a big Hollywood agent's estate. Three hundred cat people attended the fancy affair to help raise money for the rescue and rehabilitation of homeless and injured cats.

I got to attend because I am the current generation of the World Domination Squad. I have a new and improved booty so I don't tip over.

As you know from the Chairman's meltdown, this was my ride for the evening :

A very lovely, sparkly large purse. Very colorful and lovely.

Ginger and Peach helped me get ready with makeup and jewelry.

Three adorable soft sculpture cat dolls and are a bathroom counter with makeup and jewelry. Ginger is fastening a necklace around Eve's neck. Peach looks on.

HOWEVER. The Chairman kept carrying on in the background saying:

Some cat dolls get to hang out in a glittery, NICE bag!

The girls gave me a final hug.

Three soft sculpture cat dolls and in a group embrace.

Here I am in the "glittery, nice bag" as we drove to the estate in Brentwood.

Eve's bottom half is perched inside a colorful bag. Her top half is sitting up and looking around.

The valets whisked our car away and I saw sooooo many cat people and cameras that I froze. OK. Maybe I hissed. But then a female human saw me and screeched:

"OMG! Look at the adorable cat doll!"

She held my paw and smiled while a paparazzi took my photo. I hope I didn't blink.

Then I saw Sherlock with a throng of cat people around him!

Sherlock poses on a fancy silent auction table.

I didn't get to spend long with him because he was pretty popular with the ladies!

A cute photo of Eve posing with Sherlock.

I asked Kreatrix if we were at a fancy hotel and she said:

"Um. No. That is somebody's home, Eve."

Wow. I don't think we have enough money in the curse jar to buy one of those places for Kreatrix and The Prof.

The dinner was held in a really big back yard!

Lots of people at dinner tables near a swimming pool and a huge pool house in the background.

That's not the main house back there folks. Kreatrix said it looked like guest accommodations or a pool house.

More people at tables with two huge video screen behind a large state. Photos of rescued cats are on the screen.

I must say, cat people are a delightful group and I met so many nice people who kept telling me how adorable I was.

It was a magical and romantic evening! It left me wishing I had a special tom...Ginger has the Chairman...who do I have?...sigh. Kreatrix, is there someone special for me?

Eve is sitting on the dinner table with roses, candlelight and wine glasses in the background.

Best of all, Sherlock worked his magic and raised a nice bundle of money to help homeless cats!

Let's watch Sherlock one more time as he goes for his honorary ride in the World Dominationmobile! He's my hero.


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Before The Shindig I Had A Meltdown

Eve is working on Part 2 of the Stray Cat Alliance party and shindig this past weekend. I respectfully present to you Part 1.

As we all know, Kreatrix occasionally takes me out into the world and when she does, here is how I "travel":

The Chairman poses with a pink shopping bag. He is obviously not happy.

Ah, yes. The dreaded pink bag.

Well, well.

Take a look at Eve 2.0's ride to the Stray Cat Alliance fundraiser:

A very lovely, sparkly large purse. Very colorful and lovely.


Let me put it more bluntly.

Here's mine:

A pathetic pink nylon bag tossed on the countertop. Empty and drab.

And here's Eve's:

A very lovely, sparkly large purse. Very colorful and lovely.

When I saw that on Saturday night before they left for the party I MAY have had a minor meltdown.

Ya know, sort of:

Why, Kreatrix, why!???

The Chairman cat doll bent over the counter, crying with the sorry pink bag crumpled next to him.
Why hast thou forsaken me, Kreatrix?

Hey, I look pretty good in agony.

ANYWHO. The most amazing thing happened while I was having my "moment."

The Chairman has his paws around real life cat, Wally, who has jumped up on the counter to comfort the Chairman.

He likes me, he really likes me!

I...I...this is a silver lining moment, people! Wally is my new best buddy. He heard my mournful, soulful cries and came to comfort me.

Life is good...for the moment.

Stay tuned! The girls will fill you in on Eve's party night and how our buddy, Sherlock, performed at the Silent Auction!



A crazy looking white cartoon cat instructs us to listen up because the Kreatrix has something important to say.

Meet Ben

Today I introduce you to Ben, the rather disgruntled looking white tom cat in the header. I commemorated Ben some years back by designing his own line of fabric, which sold in stores throughout the USA.

A photograph of the fabric featuring Ben, the cat from outer space

Despite his appearance, the result of a birth defect, he couldn’t have been sweeter, more bizarre or funnier. Ben is in the background behind his buddy Simon.

A most unusual looking skinney white cat posing with his best friend Simon.

The Prof and I adored him. He had a meow that could last for an entire minute! We claimed he was from another planet – Planet of the Cats, to be precise. Ben has since returned to his home planet but was originally rescued off the mean streets of Los Angeles.

Having been in the trenches of animal rescue, my respect runs deep for organizations working  non-stop for those without a voice. One such organization is:

Stray Cat Alliance

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: Stray Cat Alliance educates and empowers the community to advocate for every cat’s right to be safe, healthy and valued. We are building a no kill nation, one stray at a time.

Vision: Stray Cat Alliance envisions a time when all cats are cared for, all kittens and domesticated cats are in loving homes and there is a healthy, but declining sterilized feral cat population. The feral cat colonies that do remain are monitored, fed, and treated medically when needed by their caregivers.

Poster for the Stray Cat Alliance fund raiser on October 18th.

Sherlock will be participating in a silent auction to raise money for cat rescue. I am thrilled beyond words to be a part of this.

Adorable soft sculptured cat named Sherlock. He is gold color with soft butterscotch color patches. His tail is striped.

The auction begins online October 6th. And then he’s off to a fancy party for the live part of the auction held at a lovely estate in Brentwood on October 18th!

The Chairman is here with me saying:

Punch it up some. Tell a joke!

I’ll hand over the keyboard to him…make it short, buddy.

The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

Get ready to laugh:

What do cats eat for breakfast?

Give up?

Mice Krispies

Kreatrix just rolled her eyes.

And now she left the room. Gotta go-


Peggy Chien (or Chien Pei-ling) and The Stray Cats of Taiwan


Peggy is married to a veterinarian and is a former piano teacher. She became moved by the plight of stray cats in Taiwan and now works as a photographer bringing attention to their cause. Peggy has won top awards in a photo competition in Japan’s Tashirojima Island, where people worship cats as gods (don’t tell the Chairman!) .

A black and white cat posing in front of a statue in Taiwan. One village where she has taken photos of strays is a small mountainous community 20 miles north of Taipei. The tiny village experienced somewhat of a boom by reinventing itself as a cat lover’s paradise all thanks to Peggy!

Beautiful tabby sitting at a religious altar.

"I hope to convince people that rescuing cats does bring happiness. When you buy cat food and feed a hungry cat, you get more satisfaction than using the same money to buy yourself a meal," says Peggy.

Just this past week, Chien Pei-ling was busy photographing the interaction between the abbot of a Buddhist shrine and a dozen stray cats under his care. She loves to capture the interaction between the people who watch over the strays.

Thank you, Peggy, for all your work!

Lovely Taiwanese woman with her camera and a kitten.