Cat Photos


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

#1 Tip For Felines

If you see this come out:

A photo of the dreaded cat carrier used to take cats to the veterinarian.

RUN! HIDE! Do NOT think it's a cool little cat bed and go inside for a nap, MELVIN.

I for one have vivid memories of what happens when I deal with one of these. You can check out that misadventure here.

Melvin was the first to leave for his "Spa Day".

Right. Clueless.

He had to have four teeth pulled. And if that wasn't enough, he comes home and Wally doesn't recognize him. Two days of hissing, chasing and spitting.

Melvin, the real life cat, gives Wally the stink-eye.
Melvin gives the Wally the stink-eye...

No amount of butt-sniffing could convince Wally that Melvin is the same buddy he has been playing with for several years.

Wally sniffs Melvin's butt.
Wally goes in for another sniff...

Wally ruled the roost while Melvin hid wondering what he'd done wrong.

Wally is resting in front of a roaring fire in a very comfy chair.
Hey Wally...where's Melvin?

And then...

It was Wally's turn. Wally's "Spa Day".

You'd think he would have figured something was up when he didn't get his bedtime snack. You'd think he would have REALLY figured it out when he didn't get his breakfast. Here's a tip Wally:

FASTING isn't always a good thing!

Oh, lordy. Wally was crying and begging. Then he eyed the freshly decorated tree with a look on his face of:

This tree is goin' down unless you feed me NOW!

Wally is eyeing the christmas tree with a devilish look on his face.

FINALLY Melvin sees the dreaded formerly cool cat bed by the front door. Check out his face.

Melvin's ears are pinned back and his pupils huge. He is sitting on top of a desk looking down at the carrier.

Notice the position of the ears. Yup. Spa Day my pahtooty. That is a look born from experience, people. Melvin KNEW. There is no Spa.

Uh-huh. Well, check out this video:

Long story short, Wally comes home minus 3 teeth and voila! Melvin ain't so bad after all.

Sheesh. And if things couldn't get any more weird, check out the resident kitty at the veterinarian's office:

An adorable siamese cat with a dress on and a special cone around it's neck.

Apparently she has a very bad skin condition where it tears easily. She has to stay dressed like this so she doesn't hurt herself.

The dressed up kitty is staring at a Santa Clause cannister of the counter top.

I like how she's doing a mental probe on Santa up there.

Fork over a treat mister magic-reindeer-sleigh-flying-knows-everyone's-wish-list-jolly-man-in- red.

Kreatrix took pity on her and fished a treat out of Santa's head for her. M'kay, I'm gonna leave you with that visual.



The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

The Kreatrix is constantly taking photographs. But if we try to take a picture of her, she screams and runs down the hallway hollering

"It'll suck my soul right out through my eyeballs!"

Personally, I'd like to see that.

Anywho, since I'm making inroads with the kitty population (the ones the Kreatrix and Prof dote on) I decided to show some of the pretty photos Kreatrix has shared on instagram. She used her "dumb" phone (not an iphone) to take these photos.

Adorable real life cat Wally stares up at the camera.

Real life cat Melvin, an orange and white cutie, stretches out on a beautiful blue plaid blanket.

Long haired orange cat, Rudy, is photobombed my Wally in the background.
Don't look at Wally back there. I said DON'T LOOK!
Black and white real life cat Wally sits in a colorful orange basket. His eyes are very green.
A striking photo of long haired Rudy, the real life cat. Very beautiful.
I shall let you pet me on the first Tuesday of the month...

A moody grainy black and white photo of Rudy the long haired cat.

Wally the real life cat is yawning big time.

Rudy, a beautiful long haired orange cat, stares at the computer keyboard with complete disdain.
No. I will not help you.

Orange and White tabby, Mel, with huge eyes staring out the window.

That's Melvin up there. He ALWAYS looks like that. And when he meows, he sounds like he's asking:


I hear ya, buddy. I ask myself the same thing everyday.