Cat Outtakes


Got a few emails regarding the durn comments section not working. So here's a remount of Cat Outtakes!

Disclaimer:  The internet is filled with waaaaay too much purrfection. Blogs that make you feel bad about your life, house, clothing and lack of vacations. Well. Just in case you might be blown away by the overwhelming perfection you see on this blog, I thought I'd rip back the veil of deception and feature some less purrrfect outtakes. Gee. I have so few imperfections, I'm not sure if this can become a regular series...meh. We'll see.

The logo for Cat Outtakes along with a paw print splat.

Wally teaches Eve 2.0 the fine art of butt sniffing...


Is that the vacuum!!???

A wide-eyed Melvin the cat stares alarmingly at the vacuum cleaner sitting next o the chair he's been sleeping on.
Cat people know that expression well...

The Prof did NOT wear his belt to work that day...he was afraid. He was very afraid.

A man's black leather belt was laying on the bed but is now in the very long clawed clutches of cat paws.

 Sir Piglet refuses to wake up from his hoarding of the cat trees so I can take pretty, purrrrfect pictures for the world wide web.

Wally, the real life cat, is sprawled across two cat trees and is zonked out.

You are getting sleepy...verrrry sleepy.

An out of focus photograph of Wally. Very wide-eyed and his mouth open like he's talking.

Edge of your seat stuff, huh? I was tame this first time out. Testing the waters. Believe me, there's some eye opening stuff I intend to show if I get brave enough.