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The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

It's The Hammer of Justice!

So, I asked the Kreatrix for a gun and she freaked!

GUN?! We have no guns in this house! Why do you want a gun?

I told her "for protection" from certain people like, for example, a crazy Uncle Samuel who might stop by and, oh, I don't know, want my box of money!! (A reader on the previous post was kind enough to remind me of Kreatrix' Uncle Sam and his sticky fingers when it comes to money).

I said a hammer would work. Confused, she obliged.

Cute floppy cat doll sits on chair in front of the house with a hammer across his lap.
Like I couldn't see her in the bushes "sneaking" a photo of me...

It took me 30 minutes to drag that dang hammer outside the front door and the whole time Kreatrix was singing some hammer song.

A cat's gotta protect his territory from crazy family Uncles. And if you think I'm freaky.

Take. A. Look. At. This!


Photo of a Bearded Dragon lizard in Kreatrix's hand.

That is Kreatrix holding a Bearded Dragon at the pet store. AHHHHHHH!

Now who's the freak, huh?

Kreatrix asked me to post this video. Cool song. Oh, wait!!! I GET IT!


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

It all started Sunday morning when I told the Kreatrix I wanted to watch a program on TV named Meet The Press.

The Chairman cat doll and his pet cat perched on his head.

I thought it would be good for me to learn how the press for when I’m big and famous. Kreatrix says

“I think you’d have more fun watching the grass grow.”

Grass? Ok. I’m up for a good time. So I asked to grow some grass instead and Kreatrix gives me some seeds to plant.

The Chairman cat doll posing with a bag of seeds.

“ It’s magic grass made especially for cats,” she tells me.

My cat could use some magic grass! Grass watching is going to be fabo!

I found this cool watering can to use. It has a Catberry Tails design on it and I will use it for my project.

The Chairman poses with an adorable watering can with cute cats and sunflowers on it.

Dirt goes into the pot first.

The Chairman and his cat sit with a dirt-filled pot.

Then seeds. Then water. Then...


Melvin and  Rudy started circling us like sharks in treat infested waters!


I tried to protect the precious magic seeds but Rudy made off with a couple.

The seeds are exposed and Rudy, the real life cat is moving in!

There was a lot of chasing and hollering and finally the Prof (the Kreatrix mate) snatched up the pot of seeds and that pot must’ve been pretty scared cause it peed pot water everywhere INCLUDING ON MY LEG!

Breaking News banner from TV.

“I DO NOT LIKE WATER!!!! Especially not POT PEE. I don’t care how magic it is.”

Kreatrix dried my leg and made sure I was ok.  Now I’m going to go have a chat with Eve 2.0 seeing as she’s been sat on and has kept it all together just fine. If I'd just been allowed to watch Meet The Press I might have known how to handle this!



The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.


It could have been tragic with a terrible outcome. A human butt squashed Eve 2.0...TWICE!!

Seriously humans?

Eve 2.0 cat doll holds a kleenex to her moutn. She is surrounded by her cat doll community.

Eve was sitting on a sofa looking so pretty and a human she'd never met before sat down on her like she didn't even exist.

But first


And then she sat on her AGAIN.

We decided to recreate the event so we could all feel Eve's pain with her.

A very large denim butt is lowering itself towards Eve and she puts her paw up to stop it.


A more detailed look at Eve's ordeal.

The Kreatrix was upset. Eve was upset. EVERYONE was upset. SHEESH! Even Wally has kept his eye on Eve 2.0.

Adorable real life cat, Wally, poses with Eve 2.0

So, we suggested Eve 2.0 list her life manifesto in light of her ordeal...(My idea! I've seen a lot of these manifestos on human blogs...hmmmm....but anyway)

Take it away Eve 2.0!


Bravo! Well said Eve. Just remember

You may have gotten sat on twice but you still look good!


A dear chaiman note saying this post will provide evidence as to why I couldn't help him with his community building. The dreaded clients are to blame.

Beautiful bird artwork for fancy bar soap packaging.

These attached exhibits are for, well, one of those who shall not be named. They look odd here because they are on their dielines (these are the guides that allow the printer to cut and mount the artwork on a bar soap box).

Very colorful damask designs for bar soap packaging.

Abstract and fun, colorful flora patterns for bar soap boxes.

And here is how the above designs had to be translated to liquid soap labels for a pretty glass bottle.

The pretty bird, floral and damask patterns as applied to a liquid soap glass jar.

BUT WAIT! There's more!

SOHO DOG shampoo labels made for the holiday 2014 market.

That's right...I'm sorry Chairman but the dogs have kept me busy AGAIN.

SOHO Dog Subway Tough hang tag for a dog toy to be displayed on a peg.

And this isn't even everything! There's the matter of the Walgreen's dieline I'm not even going to get into but is filled to the brim with high intrigue involving a cast of tens spanning from China to California to Illinois.

The closing statement saying further evidence will be presented in several days along with a better photo of Eve 2.0's booty.


The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

"Hellooooooo. Kreatrix? Are you in there?"

Extreme closeup of soft-sculptured cat doll, The Chairman.

Ginger and I are reporting to you from the Kreatrix' giant cat bed. We're staring at her right now but her eyes are closed.

Two adorable soft-sculpture cat dolls sit on the bed staring on their human.

I almost don't recognize her from this angle. She's usually standing and VERY tall. She appears to be resting comfortably with some assistance from a cool little bottle next to her cat bed.

This morning she was taking down the weird tree thing you humans put in your houses this time of year and then she screams this:


I don't know the meaning of the word she said next or I would have put in a suitable family-friendly substitute for it too. Of course, I immediately thought of this:

Cat piggy bank with bills, credit cards and coins over flowing.

Yup. The curse jar. But I'm assuming this would not be a good idea at this particular moment. The pain is still too fresh. All in good time.

Anywho, she grabbed her back and limped to the bedroom where she has remained.

I'm trying to understand why you humans would ever want to throw out something as useful as the human back. Is there a special bin you put it in for recycling?

Now, instead of working with her on my car or world domination or my cool vintage imac thing, I must stay here and try to figure out how to get her back out of the garbage can.

I'm gonna wake her.


The Chairman, cute soft sculptured cat doll, waves his paw in front of his human.

But soft! She stirs!!

"Come closer little Chairman. I think the medicine has kicked in.

I lean in. She whispers

"I'll share a  trick with you from my home planet."

She holds my paws to her head and WE DO A FREAKING MIND MELD!


The Chairman appears in very psychedellic colors.

The Chairman in psychedelic colors.

Is this really how I look? I asked the Prof (her male human). All he did was pick up the little bottle and shake it at me.

Humans. Now I'm off to go fish her back out of the garbage and google how to reattach it.