A crazy looking white cartoon cat instructs us to listen up because the Kreatrix has something important to say.

When you're in the trenches of self-employment and wondering if your little venture will soar to the heights you hope, it helps to:

  1. LAUGH
  2. Revisit your favorite people's humble beginnings

Simon's Cat meets that criteria and I know I've shared some things from Simon Tofield before but I haven't shared his very first animation from 2008. It still cracks me up.

Fast forward to recent months and he has given us another classic. Most cat people have lived with a cat who is obsessed with the roll of toilet paper but this animated feature takes the whole ordeal to hysterical heights.

Simon Tofield went from a one man operation (he did that first video all by himself and said it took a very long time) to having a small crew work with him. Even with a crew he reminds us the videos still take quite a while but the detail and length of his features has expanded over the years. Truly amazing and yet simple in their complete honesty of what it's like to live with a cat!

Thank you, Simon, for giving me the gift of laughter!

A photo of Simon Tofield with a photoshopped version of his cartoon cat.
Simon Tofield and his cat



A photo of the cover of Simon Tofield's book "Simon's Cat vs. The World

Whilst I continue apologizing to the Chairman and soldier on through massive deadlines for clients those-who-shall-not-be-named, I'd like to share with you a short animation from the creator of Simon's Cat.

HOLD THE PHONE!! Did I hear correctly?

TWO TO THREE MONTHS to create ONE animation.

With a staff.


And my army of those-who-shall-not-be-named believe I can create massive projects within a few days.

Love you Simon Tofield. You rock and thank you for stating just how long it can take to create work EVEN WHEN USING OUR LOVELY, TECHNOLOGICALLY MARVELOUS COMPUTERS. Mwah!



In Honor of Valentine's Day

The internet is full of pets who have heart patches in their fur. These are a few of my favorites that have been floating around the web for awhile now.

Up next is an animation from one of my favorite animators, Simon Tofield . His entire series, entitled Simon's Cat, is absolutely charming. Here is his latest one fresh off the assembly line for us this Valentine's Day.

And since love is often composed of an unlikely paring of two oddly matched individuals, I present to you one of the winners of the FRISKIES AWARD for best cat video of 2013.

To all of you who have supported us during these first months, please know that The Chairman and his entire community send their purrs and love to you today and always!

The Chairman and Ginger on a romantic Valentines background.




The Chairman's letterhead complete with his photo and pawprint.

I'm here with the Kreatrix. Say hello, Kreatrix.

"Hello Kreatrix."

Very funny.

"Thank you."

At least your humor is returning.

OK, so the number one thing you should never throw out is your back. Don't do it!

See those glasses down there at the Kreatrix feet?

Eyeglasses are on the floor by the Kreatrix feet.

Tell 'em what you said after you dropped them.

"They might as well be in Egypt."

She can't bend over and get them! Do NOT throw your back away EVER again!

The Kreatrix will tell you the second thing you should NEVER throw out:

"A cat."

That's it?

"Or a dog. Don't do it. Don't set them out, abandon them or hurt them. Ever....Or else."

Or else what.

"Watch this Oscar-nominated animation and you'll see why. It's one of my very favorite animated shorts from Canada. It's called The Cat Came Back."

Yah. Watch it and don't throw out a pet or we will come get you because we know where you live.

"No we don't...not all of the readers."

Oh.  What about one of your spaceships?

"I'll work on it."