A Word From The Chairman

TheChair_Headshot The Kreatrix of Catberry Tails and this blog is quite confused about her current identity and the implications of the following description:

"I live in the suburbs and make cat dolls."

She claims the phrase does not roll off the tongue and hover in the air with any great import. She says it sounds pathetic.

Personally, I'm offended. When I raised my objections and offered to write the About page for her, she screeched through her tears this falsehood:

"Oh sure, why not? And don't forget the part about posing the cat dolls and taking their pictures...in the suburbs. Shhhhhh. Don't tell!"

First off, she THINKS she's posing us. We LET HER THINK IT. Now who's the crazy one, huh?

TheChair_AtWorkSo. Let's clean up what she's given us so far, which is:

"I live in the suburbs, make cat dolls, POSE them and take pictures of them."

I rummaged through the colorful room where the Kreatrix hides out. Here is what I found lying around her studio (which happens to be the room I was born in).




FABRIC! Lots of it! She designed it for major companies and in fact had a collection named Catberry Tails! I set this photo shoot up myself. Wally (in the picture behind me) only tried to tear it down.





AND she spends endless hours on this computer making fancy package designs. Some of these packages even get on airplanes and fly to EUROPE. She told me to bold and cap Europe. Interesting. Must google Europe.

Chairman_ProductsSO. Let's revisit what we've got so far.

"I am a working artist/designer and live in the suburbs and make cat dolls I pose and take pictures of."

I get this note back from her:

TheChair_Note1WHAT?! Seriously? oooooookay. How about this:

"I am not now nor ever have been a HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS, but am instead a SUCCESSFUL artist/designer living in the suburbs and I make cat dolls that I pose and take of pictures".

And yet another note:

TheChair_Note2FINE! Here's the bio in a nutshell:

"I am not now nor ever have been a HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS, i design packages that sell in the USA and EUROPE (?) and i now live nowhere near New York City or a loft but am, in fact, mere steps from the OCEAN AND i make cat dolls that i pose and take of pictures but not in the suburbs".

Stick a fork in me. That's all I'm writing!