A New Doll!


Very lovely paper bunting hanging from a black and white shoelace. It reads meow! Underneath it reads It's a Boy. A blue pawprint is included.

Dear Rascal,

You are quite the character! A little rough around the edges and with eyes that are making the Catberry Tails girls swoon.

An adorable soft-sculptured cat doll sits with quite an attitude on a bench. His eyes are heavily fringed with black wool and Ivory yarn. Very much the rockstar.

And you are the first to break in our new bench! What a flea market find this was! And so beautifully reupholstered by Rosa Renae Martel of Heart & Soul Antiques On The Go here in Southern California. Yay Rosa!

Up close photo of Rascal's face. His eyes are beautifully fringed with textured black, frayed wool and ivory yarn.

I tried something different with you, Rascal...heavier fringe around the eyes, more hand sewn detail and a padded nose. I felt you needed to look more like a rascally tom cat.

Another detail of Rascal's fringed eyes.

However, you ended up looking a bit more like a rockstar.

Rascal is seated with two other recently sewn cat dolls, one of whom is a female and is holding hands with him.

Bandit and Penny have really bonded with you. Especially Penny! We all noticed the hand holding.

A closeup of Penny and Rascal paws.

You have a frayed belly patch and the cutest little nipples.

Rascals belly patch complete with cute little pink nipples.

And those feet!!

A detail shot of Rascals feet and legs dangling over the edge of the bench.

The Chairman is very pleased with your confidence and "hotness" (his word, not mine).

The Chairman sits on the bench with Rascal.
The Chairman and Rascal

I loved bringing you to life! You will also be going for a ride in the World Dominationmobile along with Penny and Bandit!

A full body shot of Rascal as he sits on the bench.

With Love,

The Kreatrix



Adorable bundting in bold black and white with touches of pink and a pink paw print announcing it's a girl.

Dear Penny!

Adorable soft sculpture cat doll made out of vintage 1960's fabric. She sits in front of a green and white polka dot background and has two colorful pinwheels next to her.

Welcome to the Catberry Tails gang! You are a very close cousin of Eve 2.0! In fact you're cut from the same cloth...very soft paisley fabric from an old tablecloth.

Penny is shown from the back. You can really see the paisley pattern in the vintage fabric. Her arms and paws rest by her side.

You were created during 90 degree weather in the month of November! Thank heavens I had you to keep me occupied inside with the air conditioning!

An upclose shot of Penny, the adorable soft sculptured doll. Her mouth is hand stitched.

I apologize for accidentally sewing your legs on backwards. The Chairman was more than happy to give me his curse jar to feed while I performed surgery to correct my mistake.

Penny sits with one leg crossed over the other and her arm around the pin wheels.

Not to worry. Look how adorable you turned out. And you helped the Chairman buy gas for his World Dominationmobile!

Penny, the adorable soft sculptured cat doll, sits with her legs crossed on a navy blue doll chair.

Welcome to the gang, little one. You'll be going for a ride in the World Dominationmobile along with Bandit!

A butt shot showing the floral button under the tail and the official Catberry Tais tag.

Look at that booty! You have your own buttonhole and proof that you're an official member of the Catberry Tails' gang.


Very lovely paper bunting hanging from a black and white shoelace. It reads meow! Underneath it reads It's a Boy. A blue pawprint is included.

The World Domination Squad Welcomes A New Member!

Dear Bandit,

Adorable soft sculpture cat doll with large black velvet spots. He sits on a turquoise rug with turquoise and white wallpaper in the background. He poses with a sign that reads: life is short. Play with your cat. You have an important mission in life! You must make humans' smile and laugh because they need some humor and love these days!

Bandit is photographed from behind where his large black velvet patches are on full display.

Don't be afraid to strike a pose! Remember the lessons the Chairman taught you.

Bandit sits in a small upholstered chair looking imploringly into the camera. His legs are crossed, very human-like.

You were made with a great deal of love by the Kreatrix. Her assistant for your delivery was Mr. Rudy Rudmann.

A beautiful long-haired orange cat with a very determined expression.

Notice his steely determination as he helps with your stuffing.

Rudy, the beautiful long-haired orange cat has some doll stuffing on the end of his paw. He looks like he is really helping!

Meanwhile...across the room...this one was absolutely no help.

An adorable black and white cat is sound asleep, twisted into an unbelievable position.

Welcome Bandit! You'll be going for a ride in the World Dominationmobile very soon!

With Love,

The Kreatrix